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Winsom Technology Introduction

Winsom Technology Co., Ltd. is the affiliated company of Teltai (Taiwan) Ltd..  It has been over 40 years since Teltai (Taiwan) Ltd. was established in 1974 by Albert Lo. It is clearly a significant achievement for a company to remain a leader in Telecommunications for such a long time. We have continuously adapted to changes in the market and technological innovations, and also always hold a sincere attitude to providing excellence in both customer service and product quality. Teltai still follows in Mr. Lo’s spirit, carrying on with his enterprising concepts and pursuing sustainable operations.

Teltai has concentrated on system design and sales in the Telecommunications and the Low Voltage Controls market segments. Today Teltai provides a broad range of products for telecommunications, cable television, broadcast, wireless, and enterprise networks. We specialize in the marketing and distribution of all telecommunications/electronic equipments devices and components; network management systems; network planning; network drive testing, network optimization tools and telemetry antenna systems. With many years of experience with multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-service networks, Teltai has the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle any type of deployment project. We have also developed deep customer relationships and solid sales experience whilst selling to our target customer groups, which cover the majority of the domestic telecommunications industry. Teltai provides excellent customer service and has achieved a very good reputation in all of its endeavors.

To meet the current and future demands of the integration of communications, information and multi-media, Teltai will seek out and provide the best telecommunications systems and solutions to satisfy our market. Our core values will always focus on Quality, Innovation, Teamwork and Integrity to satisfy our customers. We will provide each customer with the best telecommunications solutions to meet their needs for both today and tomorrow.

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